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Reinhard Bonnke’s Widow speaks Out on Life Alone, COVID and More – Daniel Kolenda and Anni Bonnke

December 07, 2020

Hear from Anni Bonnke, the widow of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, exactly one year after his passing (December 7, 2019). Anni shares about her personal life and how the Bonnke family is coping, her thoughts on 2020, the impact of COVID, and what Reinhard would have said and done this year, and more.


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Show Notes

  • 0:25 Introduction
  • 1:46 A year since Reinhard passed
  • 3:23 Anni talks about the Bonnke Family
  • 6:32 Impact on the family after Reinhard’s passing
  • 7:37 Honoring Anni
  • 8:18 Reflecting on 2020: what would Reinhard think and do?
  • 12:24 Anni’s experiences and views in 2020
  • 16:33 Advice from Anni on handling tough times
  • 18:29 What’s next for Anni and how to keep in touch
  • 20:24 A message to you from Anni
  • 22:18 Thoughts about Heaven
  • 23:11 Anni prays for you
  • 24:30 Final words from Anni

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