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Episode 2: Is Todd White a Heretic? – Interview with Daniel Kolenda (Part 1)

October 01, 2020

Daniel Kolenda sits down with his long-time friend, Todd White to discuss some of the controversy that has followed Todd in recent years. In this episode (part 1 of the conversation) Daniel asks Todd some pointed questions about his position on topics like the Divinity of Christ and grace.

Show Notes

  • 00:30 Todd White introduction
  • 01:48 Why am I creating a podcast?
  • 02:07 The purpose of this interview
  • 03:23 Discussing the controversy
  • 07:40 07:40 On the divinity of Christ
  • 08:55 Benefits of a Home-based Audio Podcast
  • 16:00 On repentance, grace, and more
  • 27:10 What's coming in part 2 of the interview

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