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Episode 1: Hello Podcast World

October 01, 2020

In this first episode, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda talks about some of his original thoughts about starting a podcast. He also describes the challenges of interacting and responding to questions on social media, plus the benefits and flexibility of creating an audio podcast. You will also hear how Daniel approaches the creative process for sermons, books, and other resources, and the variety of content he plans to share in future episodes.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to the New Podcast
  • 01:48 Why am I creating a podcast?
  • 03:00 Social Media Interaction & Response
  • 05:02 Creative Process & Grist for the Mill
  • 07:17 Personal Opinions & Informal Topics
  • 08:55 Benefits of a Home-based Audio Podcast
  • 10:12 Future Podcasts & Themes

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